Luke 19:10 “For the Son of man is come to seek and save that which is lost.” 

We’ve all done it.  Lost something that we needed.  We searched and searched, and couldn’t find where we lost it at, or maybe in some cases just misplaced it.  I know the frustration, I know the panic, I’ve been there way too many times.   

There are some things I lost, that I never found, and there’s always been a little bit of a sorrow in that.  I lost a precious and valuable ring many years ago.  It was given to me by my parents for Christmas instead of me getting a High School class ring.  I remember being so disappointed that my parents wouldn’t let me get a class ring, but now I see their wisdom.  My three older sisters all got one, and only wore them for a year or so, and then they were tucked away in a jewelry box, or in one case lost.   My parents wanted me to have something that I’d wear for years and years, making their investment worth the while.  They found a most unique ring, and had my birthstone put into it.  I use to get compliments on it all the time, for its beauty and uniqueness.     

Years later and after I was married, my husband and I were painting a house for someone, and I took my rings off and put them into my pocket so I wouldn’t get paint on them.  When we had finished painting for the day, I took the rings out of my pocket as we prepared to head home, and I noticed the band on my ring from my parents had cracked.  I put my wedding ring back on, but put that ring back into my pocket to remind me to get it fixed.  When we arrived back at our home I went to take the ring out of my pocket to put it in safe place till I could get it to a jeweler, but alas the ring was not in my pocket.  I was in a panic.  We searched and searched.  We looked all over the property where we had been painting, we searched our pickup, and our home.  I never found the ring.  I was heart broken, that I had lost such a special treasure to me.  Some eighteen years later, while wandering around in a Pawn Shop in a nearby town, I found a ring that was very similar, but not quite the same.  I purchased it, and wear it to this day.  It has been a symbol to me all these years of God’s love to me, that He’d help me find a ring so close to the original one my parents gave me.   

When Jesus came to earth, his purpose was to seek out and save that which was lost. All of mankind was lost since the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve fell.  He’s always seeking, and doesn’t give up.  Your life is much more valuable than a ring, so know and understand how much the Father loves you, and is seeking you.  When something is found it is then back in the possession of the original owner, and the owners joy is full.  Just like in a parable of the Prodigal Son, the father said, “It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.”Luke15:32 ESV  So make a celebration in heaven, and be found by God.