I love listening to radio drama, or recorded story dramas.   

Today I was amazed how you can keep the characters straight with nothing more than a voice, and consistent type of dialogue.    I have one radio drama I really love. Focus on the Families “Adventures in Odyssey.” Since I’ve been listening to the program since the very first program came out in 1987, I know the characters voices quite well. So much so, when I hear them on other recorded dramas, I’m like “Hey, that’s Connie’s voice, etc…”  I’ve rarely seen pictures of the actors and actresses, and wouldn’t recognize them if they walked into a room, unless they started to talk.     

I’m also that way with singers, and recording artists.  I know their voices, but have no idea what they look like, and sometimes, I don’t even know their names, but I know their voice.  It is about the only way I can relate to being blind.  I’m using my sense of hearing to identify my familiarity with someone.     

I’m that way with my kids, and of course was for many years with my husband. He didn’t need to identify himself on the phone to me, I knew his voice.  Just like some of my very close friends, they call, and I don’t need to look at the caller id, I know it’s them by their voice.   

So why is it I sometimes question the Lord’s voice?  Why do I sometimes wonder if it’s Him or not.  He says, “My sheep know my voice, and voice of another they will not follow.”  John 10:27   

I once got to visit a professional sheep dog trainer, and watch him in action as he gave our home school group a fantastic demonstration.  Each of his dogs knew their own individual whistle call,  they only listened to their master.  We tried to call his dogs, trying to copy his call, but the dogs would not come.  They only had obedience for their master, they only knew his voice (or whistle).    

How do you get so sensitive to knowing someone only by their voice?  It’s easy, by spending lots of time with them.  So spend some time with Jesus today, and get to know His voice.  

He’s speaking.

He’s calling.

Are you listening?